My Life Early, and Later

I now consider my life to be quite interesting, at the age of 86, even though it was seemingly quite commonplace for the first half.

I began life as one of two greatly desired twins. Twins were quite commonplace in the family of our mother and she, along with our father, were very, very happy to have the first born children of a family of four to be a set of twins. My brother and I were always very close and would even defend one another against our little seven year younger sister when challenged.

I see it as now ‘quite interesting’ because, even at my age, I am involved in frequent travels back and forth between my home in Flint, Michigan, in the States, and Blantyre, Malawi, Africa, to give the Gospel to both young and old alike. This includes holding the responsibilities of a pastor in both locations and directing an orphan care ministry in Malawi.

So, in this blogging adventure I hope that you will find what I consider to be as ‘quite’ interesting to perhaps be even a little more than that.

Nancy and Nelson, The Two Year Old Bradford Twins


Published by nancysisco4027

I, Nancy A. Sisco, have been a passionate Ambassador of Jesus Christ since I was born again 40+ years ago. I called myself a Christian for many years prior to that but did not really know Jesus until I experienced the transforming power of the Cross and infilling of the Holy Spirit. I now, late in physical life, am thrilled to have the blessing of being able to write and publish just a few of the many, many experiences of these past 40+ years.

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